Management Contacts


Administration Contacts
Department Title
Chief Executive Officer’s Office Chief Executive Officer
Ext 2225
Administration Administration Manager
Ext 2328
Finance Financial Controller
Ext 2143
Human Resources Human Resources Manager
Ext 2511
Information Technology Systems Analyst / Programmer
Ext 2512
Marketing Marketing Executive
Ext 2513
Nursing Admin Director of Nursing
Ext 2305
Public Relations Public Relations Manager
Ext 2356


Medical & Surgical Contacts
Department Title
Cardiovascular Laboratory CVL Manager
Ext 2243
Non-Invasive Cardiac Laboratory NICL Manager
Ext 2176
Operating Theatre Head of Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgical Services, Medical Director
Ext 2383
Cardiothoracic Consultant Surgeon
Ext 2111
Ext 2376
Nurse Manager
Ext 2133 / 2390
Specialist Outpatient Clinic (Cardiology) Head of Cardiology, Director  of Invasive Cardiac Laboratory Consultant Cardiologist & Physician, Co-Medical Director
Ext 2258
Director of Non-Invasive Cardiology, Consultant Cardiologist & Physician
Ext 2231
Nurse Manager
Ext 2254 / 2915


General Ward Intensive Care Unit
Department Title
Intensive Care Unit Nurse Manager
Ext 2308
General Ward Nurse Manager
Ext 2308
Cardiac Rehabilitation Cardiac Rehabilitation Manager
Ext 2375