“Greetings from Gleneagles JPMC Sdn Bhd. In this brief introductory message, I would like to describe Gleneagles JPMC as a world-class private specialist tertiary cardiac-care hospital quite unlike any other. Though our patients may be cared for using the same cutting-edge tertiary cardiac-care facilities and equipment in top-class hospitals of this nature worldwide, and will also be well looked after by some of most skillful and experienced heart-care professionals in the business, but nevertheless many people do not realize that we actually offer much more than that.

For instance, our excellent cooperation and coordination with Brunei Darussalam’s General Hospitals gives us unparalleled, quick and seamless patients transfers and the all-important en route emergency cardiac assistance and care that Gleneagles JPMC specializes in.

Therefore, all in all, this blend of strategic location, professional care, plus our state-of-the-art tertiary cardiac care services – all under one roof, essentially sums up an exceptional patient-care experience that is possibly unlike any other. As some of our patients say – simply a cut above.

Please enjoy this brief three-part introduction which I hope will further reassure you that Gleneagles JPMC had not only been caring for yesterday and today, but moving further forward, we are fully committed to further improve to take tertiary cardiac care in Brunei Darussalam up another level, as envisaged in Brunei’s Vision 2035.”

Dr. Peter Tay

Chief Executive Officer


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