Operating Theater

Gleneagles JPMC Cardiac Centre has two fully equipped Operating Theatres, which are well-equipped with cutting edge technology to carry out following procedures:

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  • Valve Replacement/ Repair Surgery
  • Atrial Fibrillation Ablation
  • Surgery for Aneurysms & Dissections
  • Left Ventricular Assist Device Surgery
  • Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) Procedure

The surgical team comprises of the Head of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, Consultant Surgeons, and Consultant Anesthetists. The other members of the team are fully trained, qualified, and experienced Perfusionists and staff nurses.

This unit is managed by a Nurse Manager.

They provide 24-hour cardiovascular surgical services to patients.


Our doctors are dedicated in helping you to maintain a heart healthy life

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